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Fred is in a closed beta version

We are currently in the closed beta phase. This means that the access is restricted to a few users, who support Fred in improving his problem-solving skills. He is in the early stage of his learning process, that means:

1. Fred can only solve problems for a limited number of software applications at the moment. But he is working day and night to expand his knowledge base.

2. Fred will not be able to solve all your issues directly, since the machine learning algorithms in his brain are still under development.

3. The good news is that Fred applies the same algorithms to answer your frequently asked questions. So play Freds FAQs to explore how Fred will support you with your tech issues.

Fred can currently help you if you have issues with these software programs:

Save time

Stop the endless googling and browsing through forums. Fred aims to minimize the time you spend on solving your tech issues. It only takes Fred a few minutes.

Free your fellows

Fred helps you solve tech issues on your own. Don’t worry about bothering your friends, fellows & family anymore. Just ask Fred whenever you need support.

No more frustration

Fred does the heavy lifting for you. Just lean back and answer some simple questions. No more frustration in front of the screen.

How it works

Frame problem

Provide information like software, your device and your operating system with only a few clicks. This information reduces the number of possible solutions tremendously.

Answer questions

Fred asks only as many questions as he needs to in order to detect the underlying problem! Simply answer “yes”, “no” or “I don’t know”.

Get solution

As soon as Fred is sure he detected the underlying problem, he will automatically propose a solution. From time to time, he will admit that he cannot help.

Teach Fred

Fred needs to know if he guessed right. Give him a thumb up, if he helped you fix your problem. If not, help him learn so that he solves it right for the next user.

Fred is an artificial intelligence that strives to know all of the tech issues that bother humanity. He supports you in solving your daily tech issues. In comparison to humans his knowledgebase does not have biological limits, but is only restricted by the almost infinite capacity of his hard drive. Therefore he can memorize millions, even billions, of software-problems and the corresponding solutions. Once he has learned an issue, this knowledge is accessible to each and every plagued tech user in the world. Think of him as the “Wikipedia” of tech issues. Using machine learning algorithms Fred decides which question to ask next depending on your previous answers. Using this process he logically and mathematically rules out one problem after another until he finds the problem that is causing your technical difficulty. Fred is still growing up and wants to learn every day. Thus the machine learning algorithms need continuous feedback from the interactions with you. Help him become smarter with your feedback! To learn more about him, click the button below.

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