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  • To make your customer support team more efficient.

  • To make expert knowledge useful for the world.

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Issues sending or receiving emails? Fear no more.
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3D printer

Troubleshoot 25 common problems with 3D printers.
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Internal IT

For your employees to solve their daily IT issues in no time.
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Can it guess your animal by asking generic questions?
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AI experts use Machine Learning to crack complex problems.
They behave dynamically and improve constantly.

Ask smart questions

AI experts dynamically decide for the smartest question to ask. No need to hardcode and maintain "if-then" rules.

Find best solution

Based on user answers the AI constantly checks for a dominant solution. If it finds one - it solves! If not, it continues asking.

Learn and improve

Your expert constantly learns and improves from each user interaction. The more it's used, the smarter it becomes.

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